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This is a new opportunity. It's not a traditional publishing contract. It's not solo publishing. The Publishing Coach is something better than either.

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I would advise against watching this if you've already overpaid for bestseller publishing support.

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I’ve reached out to innumerable publishers and self-publishing companies and I can tell you that, outside of spending thousands of dollars, going it alone was the only way for most of us...

until now!


I'm here to help without breaking the bank.


  • Don't waste months scrounging for a traditional contract
  • Don't waste months learning how to go it alone
  • Don't get taken advantage by the hustlers and sharks out there

3 Secrets You Need to Know About Publishing YOUR Book

It's a new world in which traditional publishers are no longer on top. I will save you thousands of dollars.

I will remove the mystery and ensure you never get taken advantage of by the sharks out there looking to get rich preying on authors at shocking premiums.

Whether you aim to publish your book for fun or impact if you want it read by more than your family and friends you need to understand these 3 similarities to starting a business. (And you should consider doing so!)

Marketing is basically three things; GRABBING potential customers attention, SHARING a relatable and motivating story, and OFFERING them the opportunity to continue the discussion.

You’re here to learn about getting your book published.
I’m here to put that process in high gear.

Do you believe that with the right knowledge and support
you can get your bestseller strategy started this month?

With what I’m about to share we BOTH need to TAKE ACTION
but at a FRACTION of the EFFORT of going it alone.

Sound good so far?

I’ve studied for years.
I’ve spent thousands of dollars.
The happy ending is that I’ve cracked the code.
Now, you can achieve the success you crave for the tiniest fraction of that.

I’m going to tell you how.
I’m going to give you options.
I’m going to put you in the best possible position
to make this a reality in your life.

These are the 3 Core Publishing Goals for Authors I Work With:

who often want to publish for sheerly personal reasons,
or maybe to inspire others with a special message.

who are more likely interested in garnering a boost
in professional standing so WANT that BESTSELLER Spot

who are after exposure, greater credibility or even
a lead magnet to launch or reinvigorate their business.

Whether you aim to:
* entertain
* teach, or
* share expertise

You are all tied together by a dream.
You all have a story to tell.

Storytelling is what makes your book MATTER!

We will dive in DEEP to many facets that you

need to know to become a successful author.

I will share strategies and insights that can help you along your way.

In the end, the goal is transformation.

I have put together ALL that you need to publish to Amazon #1 BESTSELLER.

As a career teacher I KNOW how to produce easy-to-use, effective resources.

Books are good for reference while working on specific tasks
like writing, or learning how conceptual strategies work.

Videos are far superior when learning how to use the online tools explained.

And sometimes, it is better to have both for advanced retention and memory.

In my years as a teacher I’ve learned which is which
and stacked these for you appropriately.

But I have also learned there is NO SUBSTITUTE for a great coach.

So what I envisioned as a "do-it-yourself" program is now

The Publishing Coach.

Get started now!

What you get:

1. A coach, me, ask for help anytime. I've proven time and again how to achieve #1 Amazon bestseller status.

2. THE step-by-step guidebook, Publish Your Book to #1 Amazon Bestseller Status and all the credibility this brings you

3. The complete course filling in the blanks in your success strategy as an author-preneur

4. The Raise Your Online Influence handbook for developing promotional channels and raising your profile

5. Actionable strategies to access millions of readers & clients on Facebook and LinkedIn

5. Insights into How to Write Effective Advertising Copy (Yes, successful authors are promoters, self-published or otherwise)

6. The ENTIRE Video Library (including updates for life)!

7. The Start Your Online Business overview putting you miles ahead in your drive to share and create passive income stream

8. Audiobooks of all the core strategies for listening to on the move

9. A COMPLETE BONUS Library of eBooks full of strategies for your next steps as an author-preneur including more on copyrighting, social media advertising, marketing, motivation, product licensing and, again, so much more!

Inspiration Bonus TODAY: A free copy of my #1 international bestseller, Creativity is Everything: Rethinking Technology, Schools & Humanity

I've had publishing deals. I've been disappointed by what publishers actually offer and how they conduct their business. In the course of my research I have also interviewed the publishing service providers out there.

All ranged in services provided but NONE provided you with the strategies for promotion included in The Publishing Coach Program.

In fact, I came across one experience in which the MOST EXPENSIVE program
asked a client for $500 to fix a problem THEY CREATED! UNBELIEVABLE, RIGHT?!

ALL of them overcharged in comparison to the price I am offering you today.

This is the best value available ever and the easiest investment choice of your life,
bridging you from where you stand now, with the realization of your publishing dream.

I can only work with a limited number of Author Partners at any given
time so, if you are serious about achieving this dream, enrolling now would be wise.

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Sean Thompson, The Publishing Coach
Sean Thompson, The Publishing Coach
Sean is the author of the Amazon international best seller, Creativity is Everything: Rethinking Technology, Schools & Humanity, and, more recently, the international best seller in the children's genre, The Sharing Tree. He's founded a number of successful small-scale startups and been helping people develop creative skills through workshops, online and in person for years.

Sean is a prolific workshop presenter, keynote speaker, an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Trainer certified in digital marketing centering on engagement, social media, planning & analytics. This is his self-proclaimed most ambitious project in terms of helping people, like you, achieve your dreams.

If you've ever dreamt of sharing the best of yourself through a publication, the time is now.